Community & Case Management Services

Assisted Independent Living Program & Baker Supported Housing Program

Baker Places understands that a critical element of real and sustained treatment success is critically linked to ongoing support following residential treatment services. As a result, over four decades ago, Baker developed a cooperative living program for clients desiring continued assistance in managing and structuring their lives.
The Assisted Independent Living Program was thus established in recognition of this need. Clients form relationships with other clients  and Baker provides a flat or apartment where they can live together while receiving case management services from the staff.

Today there are between 80 to 100 individuals residing in apartments across the City. They receive weekly visits from their case manager and meet with the clients in a group. There the address practical problem solving around food shopping, paying bills and so forth. They also discuss interpersonal issues that often arise in living with others. Each client also meets with their counselor at least once a month to discuss treatment planning goals alongside other issues that may emerge. The case managers can increase or decrease their involvement with the clients based on need. This model has enabled clients with mental health issues to have sustained success and vastly reduce past rates of hospitalization, to 5% or less.

The AILP program is similarly matched with another case management program for people with substance use and HIV/AIDS, known as the Baker Supported housing Program or BSLP. Outcomes in this program are also successful though substance use and relapse sometimes interfere with long term stability. Every effort is made to allow clients to reenter the program should they leave and want to return. Approximately 60 clients live in scattered site housing through this program.

Both of these programs have built their success on providing a real opportunity to live and thrive in a free and natural setting to enhance their sense of being a member of the San Francisco community

Permanent Housing

Baker Places created the Odyssey House Program with HUD funding in 1991. This large fully restored Victorian provides permanent housing for African American adults who were formerly either institutionalized for extensive periods of time or who lived on the street for many years. The residents all have their own rooms or may have another roommate. There is an active program for clients who want to develop the capacity to gain independent living skills. It is licensed as an Adult Residential Facility and has 24 hour staffing. It is the only such program in the City.