Program Services at Baker Places, Inc.

Continuum of Care

Baker Places celebrated its 50th year of community service in October of 2014. The values and philosophy that inspired the Agency’s creation so many years ago continues to inform and guide the organization today. We have grown from a single two-story home treating mentally ill adults recently released from Napa State Hospital to a continuum of programs and services cast across the whole of San Francisco.

Our treatment approach has broadened over the years in response to the shifting needs and characteristics of the clients we serve. Many of the people challenged by mental illness also became increasingly vulnerable to homelessness, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Along the way Baker Places developed the first residential treatment program for people with acute co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The Grove Street Program was created in 1991 to address these issues concurrently. Shortly afterwards Ferguson Place was established to treat a similar population who were also diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. As a leading innovator in the field of rehabilitation and recovery the Agency developed the Joe Healy Detoxification Program, the first community based residential detoxification program in the state that offered medical support and stabilization in a social rehabilitation environment.

The Grove Street Program and Joe Healy Detox Program were designed to operate as the “front end” of our system of care. Both programs offer not only stabilization and treatment but also serve as opportunities for extended assessment. It is not uncommon to discover that as a substance use crisis abates, an underlying mental health disorder emerges requiring further treatment. We are able to refer out to one of our own transitional programs focusing on mental health or to other transitional programs in the City. The reverse, of course is also true, and further substance abuse treatment may be necessary. The capacity to move across these very different systems of care is uniquely the result of the Baker Places system of care. Baker Places’ philosophy of providing services that are consumer-driven, community-based and culturally competent has proven highly successful in addressing these problems.

Crisis Residential

Joe Healy Detox & Grove Street House programs remain the only two of their kind in the state.

Transitional Residential

The program provides day treatment services and group meetings emphasizing “real live” opportunities.

Permanent Housing

Real and sustained treatment success is critically linked to ongoing support following residential treatment services.