Crisis Residential

Joe Healy Detox & Grove Street House were created as new service models and the programs remain the only two of their kind in the state; they have become an integral part of the San Francisco health care system.


Joe Healy Detoxification Program

The Joe Healy Program was created in response to the large number of homeless street deaths as a result of substance abuse.  It was believed that many homeless people simply refused to enter a hospital because the setting was profoundly uncomfortable for them.  Baker Places collaborated with Tom Waddell Health Center and Barbara Garcia who was then the Director of Homeless Services. 

Baker also worked closely with the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services to develop a license for our community based detox.The program accepts clients referred from hospitals, health clinics, and San Francisco's Respite and Sobering Center as well as other San Francisco community healthcare partners. This program has become an integral part of the San Francisco health care system


Grove Street House

This program serves individuals in acute distress resulting from a combination of psychiatric and addiction issues. Clients may stay up to 30 days with the possibility of extending their time for placement or continuing treatment reasons. While the stay is brief the treatment model is still informed by a social rehabilitation approach emphasizing individualized treatment planning, and group participation in a milieu setting.